"Nature should be interpreted, not imitated in designed landscapes." Thomas Rainer


What is it about nature & where did this feeling come from?

Our ancestors spent centuries absorbing cues from nature.  Cues for survival, cues for comfort, and cues relating to spiritual existence.  This accumulation of time in the landscape leaves us an inherent desire and longing to be in nature; to be with nature.  Though we no longer need these inherent cues, our need for nature remains part of our consciousness.  The challenge of VOX is to interpret the language of the landscape.  VOX identifies the landscape archetype, distills the key characteristics of the site, and amplifies those elements into designs that relate PEOPLE to PLACE. 

HOW I (Grant Williams) got here


The landscape business is a broad field.  It's scope can be as basic or expansive as you choose.  The seeds of this concept started in 2001 with the inception of my first company, Sticks & Stones Landscaping which I started fresh out of college.  Sticks & Stones was always on the edge of progress and saw the industry drastically expand during its years in the design/build business.  

Progress continues and has evolved into VOX Landscape Design, now even more focused on how the landscape can have a meaningful impact on people and the environment.  VOX attempts to reconnect people to the landscape, enhance architecture, and unify the built site by paying homage to the native ecology.  I believe beauty is vital to humankind and is what makes life worthwhile.