Articles of Intent

Hesitation is running high as I launch into this resemblance of a blog; a patiently paced trend I’m generally turned off by.  No one has time for another salesy, backhanded attempt to be driven to a bad website.  The endless and outdated “top 10s” and “best-ofs” come across as clickbaity web clutter.  Hopes are high that I avoid these traps and triggers with offerings of interest and entertainment out of the simple excitement I have the topic rather than for selling.  

Good things matter now more than ever and are sometimes difficult to find in a time when time is precious.  As much as I believe anything, I believe natural curiosity is something not to be minimized but to be explored with bright eyes and a genuine heart.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been curious about the way we are drawn to nature, to places that feel good, and the mysterious way beauty exists and why we think it's beautiful.  

These curiosities of the natural world are crucial bits of my overall happiness formula and while I’ve dedicated much of my life literally digging to its core, my intent in this era is to be a voice (VOX) of the landscape to those closer to the surface of the conversation. 

Thanks for reading,