Progress & Patience

What is it about human nature that compels us toward improvement?  What if the best ways of doing things had already been thought of?  What if there was nothing left to improve on?  It’s simply impossible for most of us to conceive; backwards mentality for most.  We have naturally been assigned the task of improvement, to advance ourselves and our society.  Human desire to solve problems and make life better is the engine of progress.

Hope is built into our nature because it is built into nature itself.  As a song-writer who’s day job has everything to do with nature and it’s progressions, I cannot help but find hope and inspiration among the falling leaves, followed eventually by the sun-seeking tulip, the endless cycles of rest and rebirth.  There is constant persistence in nature to proceed, to reach higher and go deeper, to progress.  

Progress is often so slow.  We can grow tired of winter and become anxious for spring just as we can lose patience with society’s slow response to pressures of change.  It’s in our nature to have hope for progress because nature is always progressing.