Details...what  really  goes on here (if you're that interested)

Details...what really goes on here (if you're that interested)


  • CONCEPTUAL DESIGN-The big, pretty picture.  This is a place to discuss and play with ideas.  Don’t be afraid to get out a fat red sharpie and mark things up.  It’s nothing but ink and paper at this point.  This is where the good stuff comes from so have fun.  Let’s make this awesome. 

  • BUDGET DEVELOPMENT- Most clients don’t know the cost of landscaping and are often afraid to guess.  With a conceptual design in hand, a working budget can be developed to help estimate cost before a detailed planning is produced.  This is an incredibly important step toward a final design that is both beautiful AND affordable.  No surprises. 
  • DRAWING DETAILS-  These are the plans that contractors use to bid and build your new landscape.  Attention to detail is of utmost importance at this stage.  It’s kind of boring but it’s where the kinks are worked out and real work begins.  Grading & Drainage plans, Hardscape, Irrigation, Planting, and Lighting plans are common sheets in a final set of VOX plans.  3D models of the site as well as detailed elevations are provided when they may be helpful to explain specific aspects of the design.  
  • INSTALLATION- VOX installs artistic, highly designed projects as the schedule allows.
  • BIDDING- VOX can facilitate meetings with contractors to ensure plans are understood and bids are accurate according to the wishes of the client. 
  • SUPERVISION or CONSULTING (as schedule allows)- Acting as the landscape general contractor, VOX can take most of the work and stress out of the client’s hand by managing subcontractors, suppliers, insurance, payments and lien waivers.  We can also simply stop by occasionally on a per-visit basis to answer questions and work out any issues during construction.  
  • MAINTENANCE- A garden is never complete, it’s always changing.  It’s important that proper maintenance is applied to ensure the intent of the design is carried out.  While most clients want low-maintenance designs, there will always be some level of on-going care needed and who better to fulfill this duty than the designers?    

Advocate for the client in every situation.